World’s 5 Best Snowboarding Places

Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports, and each year it adds up too much more, just like skiing. If you dare to slide on a snowboard in this winter season, it is likely that if you are not very experienced you will start having doubts about how to snowboard for the first time, and in this post, we will give you some great tips that you cannot miss if you are thinking about going to the ski slope this winter.

Snowboarding has become the star activity of snow tourism. A board with bindings and boots is enough to slide between slopes and snowy circuits, always with a head and confident. If you do not know where to start, here I suggest the 5 best places to practice snowboarding in the world.

  1. Utah

Utah is, together with California, the ideal place to practice snowboarding in the United States, perhaps the best country for this activity. The most recommended resort is Park City Mountain Resort. 3300 acres of snowboarding space with snowfalls of up to 1000 cm divided between four slopes specially conditioned for this sport, just 35 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport.

  1. Davos

The peaks of Switzerland are always ideal for snowboarding in the best facilities such as the Davos resort, built between five high mountains up to more than 1500 m and a perfect embankment for snowboarding, as well as other attractions such as the solarium, cable car or swimming pools. It is recommended to stay during the week to avoid overcrowding.

  1. Anton

This winter enclave in the Alberg Pass, in Austria, rises to 1300 m of altitude. It has 79 tracks with numerous curves and elevations (or popularly called hits), plus a park conditioned for practice and other enclaves along 460 m that includes other tourist attractions. Its cable cars work with a special card of the resort that allows easy mobility to move to any track.

  1. Serre Chevalier

France is another country with a great variety of resorts in the Alps area; the most recommended of all is Serre Chevalier, one of the thirteen enclaves on the way to the famous Parc des Ecrins. Its open slopes, tree-lined terrain, and large embankment make it France’s must-see winter destination and the perfect paradise for lovers of freestyle (the most popular and adventurous snowboarding). The Serre Chevalier offers other sports activities such as rafting or hiking in some of the most beautiful spots in the Southern Alps.

  1. Vogel

Winter tourism in Slovenia is beginning to emerge because of its low prices and numerous resources for snowboarding. Vogel is possibly the most competitive of all and still somewhat unknown, perhaps that is why its low massification makes it the ideal place. It is located next to Lake Bohinj, which is only accessible by cable car. Its tracks cover 18.5 km of slopes, although less advantageous for freestyle and more in favor of beginners.

Snowboarding is a growing activity and a must for all lovers of snow tourism, which enables them to get to know the area better, free themselves by sliding down rocky and abrupt curves, without forgetting good equipment. What is your favorite place to practice snowboarding?