We are fortunate to be located in a picturesque village in Wensleydale, which is in the beautiful unspoilt Yorkshire Dales National Park. We are a popular school with an excellent reputation because of our continual high standards and achievements. Children in the village walk to school, and other children from the surrounding villages and hamlets use the free school buses. If we are your nearest school, you are entitled to use the school transport service.
Major alterations to the school building in recent years have maintained the charm on the outside of this nineteenth century building whilst moving the internal learning environment well into and beyond the twenty-first century. We now have 4 classrooms and a school hall.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website, this should give you an insight into our wonderful vibrant school where every child is guided to a brighter future within a caring family atmosphere based on Christian values.

Our West Burton Primary School with all the children, staff, parents and leaders appreciate the importance of a caring community that enables everyone to succeed in what are they doing. We believe that this self-awareness will best equip you for your future. Our main goal is to encourage and inspire lifelong learning and to help everyone improve their knowledge. We appreciate good manners and mutual respect. We are proud of how our children behave and they believe in the expression of their thoughts and feelings with courtesy and confidence. We want children to develop a wide range of personal qualities, self – discipline, courage and self-confidence, honesty, sensitivity, and to become independent with sharing their opinions and talk openly about a wide range of issues. We are proud of the way we develop our school and into what turn our children.

Leyburn Community Primary School

As a Leyburn Community Primary School our main goal is to provide an effective learning environment for the pupils. We want the pupils to feel safe, happy, valuable and useful while they are in school and with hard work they will be more ready to move on to secondary school. If you have requirements about policies or other information you can always contact the school office of West Burton School.

Christian primary school

A Christian primary school is a school which is led by Christian principles or organizations. Generally, the Christian primary schools exist to provide Christian education for children. We really hope that you will find everything you need by visiting westburtonschool.co.uk, or/and if you have more questions we are looking forward to meeting you.

West Burton North Yorkshire

West Burton is a village in the United Kingdom. It is located in the county of North Yorkshire, England. West Burton is 161 meters above sea level and the number of inhabitants is 303.
The terrain around West Burton is mainly a bit hilly. West Burton is located down in a valley. Around West Burton it is quite sparsely populated, with 36 inhabitants per square kilometer.
The coastal climate prevails in the area. The average annual temperature in the area of West Burton North Yorkshire is 6 ° C. The warmest month is July, when the average temperature is 14 °C, and the coldest is January, by -2 °C.